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Being a premier electrical product distributor, APS Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. has always emphasized on providing solutions rather than just products. We believe that our responsibility does not end with the sale of our products, but it extends to providing integrated pre and post-sales services.

Our organisation has evolved into providing comprehensive industrial automation solutions to various industry verticals, the most prominent ones being Plastics, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar, Chemicals, Paper, Printing, Packaging, Elevators and Cranes among others.

We practice preventive maintenance of our products so that the customer's installation always remains in proper working condition. Preventive maintenance consists of annual drive inspections and regular component replacements according to product specific maintenance schedules.

Over the years, our excellence in engineering has set us apart from the competition, a fact we pride ourselves upon. Our engineers take a complete view of each individual company’s requirements and design customized solutions accordingly, which are then installed on-site by our technicians.

APS Power Systems is also ABB’s Level 3 authorised Service & Repair centre. We are well equipped to provide on-site installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs.

You can send us the nature of your requirements in the Quick Contact.

APS has now earned the title of “Authorized Value Provider” for ABB products. We are only the 2nd company in the country and the 1st in western India to have achieved this label.
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